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AT Venture Center is dedicated to the expansion of the commercialization of advanced technologies. Our unique positioning and process allows our accelerator to be the catalyst for advanced technology to move from concept, through the various stages of development, and on to launching funded companies and beyond.


Consulting Services

We help domestic and international organizations to become more innovative, entrepreneurial and transformational to match the needs of our newly globalized world.

As a team with a global perspective, we believe we can provide your organization with a fresh approach that is often lost by those closest to the problems at hand. This fresh set of eyes on the problem often will lead to new strategic approaches that leapfrog the competition that is mired in the past and too busy with the problems of the day-to-day world.

Our key areas of emphasis will always be targeted to useful near-term strategies that are designed for both near-term and long-term successes.

Working with our university, lab and research center partnerships, we can assist you with leading technology solutions that allow you to not only move ahead of the competition… but stay ahead of the competition as the marketplace matures and evolves over time.

The ATVC is not just an educational center but it is also a place of business, housing a specialized team of ATVC members, primarily dedicated to Accelerating Technology Entrepreneurship and the Commercialization of Emerging and Advanced Technology.

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