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Sales and Sales Management Executive with extensive experience in early and late stage clinical development. Project management and sales experience in Phase 1 through Phase 3b clinical development.

Regenerelle Team 
Regenerelle LLC. is a subsidiary of AT Venture Center LLC.

Michael Crowley

Chief Executive Officer

& Co-managing Member


Michael Crowley, J.D. is serial technology and financial industry entrepreneur who is also both a university collaborator with RIT’s College of Engineering Technology and a Research Professor of Innovation & Entrepreneurship; Professor Crowley is also the Co-Founder & Executive Director of the AT Venture Center and the Founder of the US-China Center for Advanced Technology Venture Creation, LLC


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Michael Heke PhD

 &Chief Operations Officer Chief Scientific Officer

Thomas Conley

Senior Vice President of Lab Operations

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Dr. Michael Heke has more than 20 years experience in stem cell research. He is currently a Senior Research Scientist in the Department of Biology specializing in the study of stem cells.



Director of Technology, Commercialization & Licensing

Frank Razavi

Erin believes that all startup businesses would gain tremendous benefit and cost savings by implementing a flexible and effective quality management system (QMS) from the very start of their business, because their QMS would ultimately support their overall business growth.


As the AT Venture Center’s Director of Commercialization & Licensing, Frank oversees the center’s commercialization related transactions and intellectual property (IP) licensing solutions provided to technology firms and advanced technology institutions (universities, research centers, government labs, etc.) housed in Western New York and throughout the US.


QMS Manager & Applications Engineer



As an MIT-trained molecular and cell biologist with experience in both academia and the biotechnology industry, Juliana’s research has focused on cell-extracellular matrix interactions during wound healing and cartilage repair. Using her biology lab management skills, she assists with organizational documentation projects.


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Thomas is an experienced Lab Technician with a strong skillset in team management and research leadership.


Thomas is a biotech master mind and winner of the Regenerelle Genius award. He leads our lab team.


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Erica Dussmann

Tissue Bank Director

Dan Byun

Senior Lab Technician

With 20 years of hands-on experience in cancer and stem cell research, Dan leads our lab efforts in MSC production and manages our expansion of both MSC cultures and our lab's capabilities.


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